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And How LDR has transformed their business

Kohl Fitzmaurice

Owner of KF Landscapes
Wentzville, MO


For years, my company was built on delivering a design to every potential customer, most of which we gave away for free to try and secure jobs.  We viewed this as a competitive advantage, but we were running ourselves ragged and feeling like our customers didn’t appreciate our time and design skills. 

LDR gave me the tools to WOW my customers in a fraction of the time.  We now feel confident in charging hundreds of dollars for our designs and we’re winning more large install projects than ever before!

Q. What percentage of your company is installation vs. maintenance?

“We’re about 95% landscape construction and design-build, most of which is residential outdoor living spaces: patios, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, etc.”

Q. What's your average revenue per customer?

“We’ve always had a fairly high RPC, probably about $20,000 – 35,000 since we’re predominantly commercial installation and medium/high end residential.”

Q. How much time does LDR save you?

“Well, it definitely saves our salesmen approximately 1-2 hours per lead because they’re able to provide really nice visuals from the start, which builds reputation with potential customers and they are very confident in the product they’ll be receiving.  LDR also keeps our full-time designer focused on design projects that are billable, so we’re making more revenue while saving hours of his time each week.”

Q. How has LDR's sales process impacted your business?

“LDR is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business.  Hands down. I didn’t realize how powerful a sales process was until using LDR to walk a lead through choosing their own design and materials, and watching them turn into customers right before our eyes.  We’re now able to choose the type of customers we want and ensure we’re selling them projects that we’d be proud to put in our yards.”

Jeff McDonnell

Owner of Lawn Champs
St. Charles, MO

I always steered away from project leads larger than replacing a few shrubs or other easy enhancements.  I’ve always just stuck to maintenance because I don’t have knowledge about plants or how to sell someone on installations.  Some of my employees have hardscape and installation experience though, so they’ve wanted me to incorporate more of this type of work.  

LDR has given me the confidence to sell these larger projects now because I DON’T HAVE to be the expert.  I simple walk the customer through the easy step-by-step Project Builder and we build the project together.  All the information is right there – how the design and materials relate to the homeowner’s unique style.  Now I can’t imagine doing business without it!

Q. What percentage of your company is installation vs. maintenance?

We’re a lawncare and landscape maintenance company.  We only occasionally do an install project for one of our existing customers.  

Q. What's your average revenue per customer?

Probably about $3000 – 4000.   Most of customers are weekly mowing, fertilization package, and 1-2 landscape cleanups each year.   

Q. How much time does LDR save you?

We’re probably different than most other companies using LDR since we don’t use it much at all for the design component.   But just the Material Catalog and the Markup drawing features alone saves our sales staff a couple hours a week in communicating the materials we’re using and where we’re completing work on their property. 

Q. How has LDR's sales process impacted your business?

We’re so much more confident walking into leads where they need a larger project or something that requires an element of design.  It’s allowed us a quick way to communicate ideas and make our company look like we know our stuff!

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